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About Us


In this specialist field, MS Instruments is one of the major suppliers in the world.  Maintaining high standards not only by producing, designing and manufacturing high quality equipment and systems, but also by providing on-going support for a minimum of 10 years after the equipment is installed.  When MS Instruments warranty runs out your support doesn’t.  MS Instruments place a great emphasis on the quality of their systems; they are rugged, well-built and fully equipped to give reliable results in extreme conditions.  The equipment and software are designed to make the recording and interpretation of the data convenient, fast and accurate.

The life cycle cost of MS Instruments equipment is extremely low.  Over a 10 year period, typical maintenance and repair costs would be less than 20% of the initial cost of the system, meaning that not only are MS Instruments systems economical and reliable, but they are also an excellent investment.

In 1986, MS Instruments were approved by UK MoD(QA) to the NATO AQAP1 Quality Assurance standard for both hardware and software.  Since 1993, MS Instruments have been approved to ISO 9001.

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