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Ballistic Instrumentation












MS Instruments design and manufacture a comprehensive range of ballistic instrumentation for highly accurate data recording.  Acoustic and optical target systems are a precise, cost and time effective way of measuring weapon and ammunition accuracy.

Our comprehensive range of instruments comprises of intelligent units that can be connected to a single Range Processor, be it a standard PC or laptop.  That connection can be by cable or radio link, with no signal degradation.  By using GPS to locate every event in time and space, all trials data is  available and recorded at a central point.  The company provides its own BALLISTICSDB software giving full control and diagnostics of the connected equipment as well as data-warehousing and statistical analysis capabilities.  The system is Windows®-based and the data is in Access format, but may be exported to Microsoft® Excel for further analysis.
Our Projectile Velocity Measuring System (PVMS) can measure velocities extremely accurately to within 0.02% in low light conditions. MS Instruments manufacture triggering systems based on acoustic and flash detection technologies to accurately activate other systems for recording purposes.

MS Instruments can provide equipment to create an entire test range.  As well as the targets and software, we can provide weapon mounts, universal receivers and source specialist ammunition for specific tests.  We can design indoor and outdoor ranges for all test purposes for testing weapons, ammunition or ballistic materials.

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